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The whistle blower has no idea what Devra West called herself in New Mexico before fleeing that state and arriving in Montana in the mid-nineties all he knew from researching his fraud lawsuit against Devra West in 2003 onwards is that there were many victims in New Mexico arising out of her criminal activities in that state.  What follows is an excerpt from an email Rebecca West sent the whistle-blower entitled ‘Pat’s Records’.

“These files include statements by persons who previously worked for Devra West, citing dozens of abuses and dating back to 1995 in New Mexico (most are already court documents on record in Ravalli County, MT).”

At this point let us review the two tier criminal business model of the self-appointed Ascended Master Devra Ji as she was calling herself while located in Victor MT.

Devra Patton West’s ‘business’ model – Level 1.  Funding the luxurious lifestyle which includes a mansion, dedicated chef, servants and unpaid slaves.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening, Devra West

What follows is dedicated to the period between 1995 and 2004 when the Occult Thief was calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Devra Ji.’  During that time she used, as her business ‘container,’ the charity known as  ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ (see pyramid illustration directly above here).  Her Victor MT ‘ashram,’ where the charity was physically located, was called Na Ka’ Shela.  It was this charity that the whistle-blower was involved with as a business consultant from January 2002 until August 2002.  During this period all the ‘fund raising’ activities, both from the public and the cult, were focused on a) covering the cost of Devra West’s luxurious lifestyle b) paying the mortgage on the property and c) raising more money to buy adjacent land. The illustration immediately below here was used as a focus for fund raising.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening,

Apart from the constant fund raising activities, Devra West worked to constantly expand her cult by pressuring existing members to bring along friends and relatives.  In reality, like some giant pyramid Ponzi scheme, West’s future income from the cult depended on more new ‘blood’ being recruited at the bottom.  These new ‘spiritual seekers’ were, after joining her group, subjected to brainwashing and conditioning; those who submitted to the will of the 'Master Abuser' remained and those who did not were expelled from the cult which meant that if you were an employee you were fired.  Those who did submit to the will of the Master Abuser were then ‘sorted’ into three distinct groups.

The first group are the low level recruits (students and employees) who have nothing to offer but their labor and occasional small donations – this group is put to work as either as low paid or no paid slaves providing West with a cheap supply of labor for her business activities.

The second group are ‘professionals’ like the whistle-blower, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, Julio Williams MD, Pat Cole MD and more recently Dr. Susan Taffer.  Devra West uses the professional classes to populate her many business enterprises because having doctors, business owners and entrepeneurs involved (in her criminal enterprise) gives her credibility amongst the community within which she (and her cult) embeds itself.  Dr. Julio Williams MD, a doctor and a heart surgeon, is a classic example of this as after joining the cult sometime around 2000 he quickly become totally brainwashed and conditioned by Devra West who has used his perceived credibility as a doctor to market and promote her to the public as a guru.

It is a testamant to the Occult Master's powers of manipulation that in the summer of 2003, just after the whistleblower announced he was going to sue Devra West for fraud, that Devra West persuaded three members or her cult, doctors Williams, Cornell and Cole to defame the whistleblower from her website even though none of them had ever met the whistleblower! It is quite possible that the doctors never saw what they were signing but were just being used by West to curry favour amongst the rest of the cult knowing she would soon be the subject of yet another lawsuit. Dr. Cornell came to her senses and left the cult shortly after the above was published, Dr. Cole MD, the wealthier of the three was brutally assaulted several times by West and relieved of her entire net worth amounting to $1.3 million and poor Dr. Williams is still firmly bound to his occult master and will remain that way until he has outlived his usefulness.

OmniAwakening, Rishi Devra, Dr. Julio Williams, Devra West

The above photo above taken in 2002 shows Devra West, then calling herself the Ascended Master Devra Ji, delivering ‘Shakti pat’ to Dr. Julio Williams MD in 2002.  Williams believes that he is getting some kind of blessing from the Occult Master completely unaware that she is using ceremony and ritual magic to bind him to her will; look at the poor woman in the foreground.  For the past 16 years Dr. Julio Williams MD has donated $100,000’s to her good causes (organized crime) while at the same time actively and knowingly marketing this psychopath to the public to attract yet more victims of theft, fraud, extortion and mental and physical abuse.

Dr. Julio Williams promoted Devra West as a do-gooding' guru when she was calling herself 'Surya Ma' in Lakeside MT between 2006 to 2010; he did this even though he was perfectly well aware of her two arrest warrants, her conviction for assault, her being the subject of a Sheriff's Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court fines and interest. He did it even though he was well aware that his gushing bio / testimonial for her was placed on the same web site as Devra West's fraudulent misrepresntation that she was the owner of a multi million dollar laekside home which in reality belonged to that Robert & Tabby Ivy. The Whitefish Pilot newspaper details this fraud and the Ivy's repeated request over two years that Ms. West not refer to the property as her own. Williams did this knowing that while Devra West was claiming in court to be the owner of businesses worth several billion dollars she was in fact close to bankruptcy and was in the process of being evicted from two rental properties in quick succession.

Dr. Julio Williams is a fully paid up member of Devra West's cult which meant that after Devra West and her cult got kicked out of Montana Dr. Williams went on to reprise his role as chief cheerleader for the Occult Thief in Carefree AZ where the occult thief is now calling herself the Ascended Master Rishi Devra. Dr. Williams is well aware that Devra West hates women how else could she partialy scalp employee Susannah Felder, rip part of the ear off student Beatrice McGuire and repeatedly hit Dr. Pat Cole over the head until blood ran down her blouse. None of these facts stopped senior cult member Julio Williams MD from giving another gushing testimonial about his psycho cult leader inviting the public to donate funds to the 'Divine Feminine.'

OmniAwakening, Rishi Devra, Devra West

This middle tier of ‘recruits’ once brainwashed and conditioned can be relied upon to provide Devra West with financial support such as the $100,000 donation that Julio Williams provided to her in 2007 and the ‘loan’ of $300,000 that Reynolds unwittingly agreed to in 2006.  If the wealthy middle tier members of the cult do not donate their wealth voluntarily then Devra West will extort it from them violently, as was the case with Dr. Pat Cole MD. Here is a short excerpt from Rebecca West’s email wherein she refers to the treatment meted upon her friend Dr. Cole MD by Devra Patton West.

“I have handed over many of the statements made by former employees of which are mostly already posted on your website to Dr. Cole in an effort to assist her.  Dr. Cole was severely beaten on several occasions and proof is available.”  And.. “With all my heart, I hope and pray, the law firm that is currently reviewing her documents will help Dr. Cole recover her losses and/or dignity, as she has no money left after Devra extorted more than $700,000 from her.

The third group are wealthy heiresses who, once brainwashed and conditioned like the rest of the cult can be drained of their wealth year after year until nothing is left.  The approach with this group is often more subtle than with the other two groups because the rewards to the Occult Thief are much greater.  One approach, after the wealthy target is lured into a ‘one on one’ consultation (as are currently being offered on West’s website ) is for West to convince the 'target' that she and they were sisters or friends in a previous lifetime during which lifetime the ‘target’ betrayed West or seriously let her down.  The 'target' is told that their meeting at this time has been orchestrated by the Ascended Masters in order that the target can make reparations to West in this lifetime in the form of a large financial donation.  The target is also warned that if they do not take this opportunity to make a large donation (to repay the non-existent debt from a past life) the Ascended Masters will show their displeasure by making the target ill. 

Sometimes the target is duped into making a large financial donation to West’s ‘good causes’ immediately but if this does not happen the target ends up being the recipient of a campaign of occult attacks which may involve the target feeling like their scalp is on fire or migraine headaches so bad they rush to a doctor to get a scan or an MRI done which of course reveals nothing.  Very quickly the target becomes a believer and in slow stages empties their bank account into West’s.  One such victim Corinne Coffin also known as Tanmayo, a Brazilian Coca Cola heiress who has been drained of Millions of dollars by Devra West and whose son, after finding out the volume of money his mother had given to West, wrote to West in 2007 demanding that she return the money.  Here is a short excerpt from an email Rebecca West sent me in March 2007 – square brackets mine; you can read the entire email here.

“Tanmayo's (coca-cola heiress) son contacted the finance controller yesterday demanding the monies his mother contributed be returned.  This phone call is the straw that broke the camel's back for the finance controller [Geoffrey Reynolds CPA] who has finally realized that he can no longer ignore the very bad situation he has gotten himself into by loaning Devra $300,000.”  

As indicated in the illustration above all that are recruited into the cult are, in one form or another, put through the meat grinder (see above) that is Devra Patton West’s guru / cult / extortion business model with the result that millions of dollars in cash or cash equivalents in unpaid labor (that enrich her businesses) flow to the Occult Thief and her immediate family.  But these amounts, though adding up to millions long term, are just the cash flow that is needed to provide Devra West with the extravagant life style she demands and to fund the huge legal fees needed to fight the many civil lawsuits that arise from her criminal activities (and for example to fund the cost of her son Chris Haywood’s two custody battles). 

Devra Patton West’s ‘business’ model – Level 2.  The West ‘Criminal Cabal’ cleans up big time by collapsing the ‘container’ they created to receive millions in public donations.  In this case the charity known as ‘The Circle of Divine Unity.’

While siphoning off millions in public donations from the charity to fund Devra West’s luxurious lifestyle and converting any excess into either precious stones, precious metals (both can be easily hidden) or moved into offshore bank accounts (Israel?) Devra and Jack West were running an even bigger fraud in the background that was for the most part hidden from view – but not from the whistle-blower.  Shortly after being ‘recruited’ from the meditation group run by Jack West in early 2002 the whistle-blower was warned by Mike Hendrickson, a student of West’s and a partner in an accountancy firm in Colorado, that he had discovered massive financial fraud he also confided that after he had mentioned this to Devra West he was immediately removed from any contact with the finances and told to go away and ‘repent’ for questioning the god given right of the ‘Ascended Master’ to do as she pleases irrespective of state and federal laws. It was made clear that any monies coming in to the charity were the sole property of Devra West to do with as she saw fit.

Like Mike Hendrickson before him once the whistle-blower got his head around the charities finances he discovered that there was a huge fraud being perpetrated by Devra & Jack West that would eventually amount to several millions of dollars but which, because it was so well hidden, would never be discovered let alone prosecuted.  As soon as the whistle-blower discovered this massive fraud he set about the task of separating out the charity’s assets from the West’s personal assets using the excuse that if the charity was going to seek millions in donations from large corporations they would want to see the financial books.  As a result of the work that the whistle-blower did with Cheryl O’Brien, the then bookkeeper for the charity, a list of assets belonging to the charity was produced which showed that the value of those (non-real estate) assets to be approximately $4,000,000 in 2002 prices.  These assets were either gifted to the charity by donors or paid for out of cash donations given to the charity.

In ‘Level 1’ of the giant fraud scam we saw how Devra and Jack West used the day to day cash flow coming into the charity to fund their lifestyles indeed one of the things the whistle-blower noticed straight away was that the charity’s bank account did not have the charity’s name on the face of the checks or even at the bank; what they did have on them was ‘Devra West & Jack West.’

The main influx of income for the charity arrived three times a year, when the charity would put on 3 to 5 day seminars that were tied to the ‘degree’ courses that Devra West offered from her unaccredited school which she called the ‘Sacred Archive Institute.’  Students would pay hundreds of dollars to attend these courses which were mandatory if one was to obtain one of the fake degree certificates being offered at the end of the course. Devra West’s claims that the funding of the school from her other teaching activities was a total lie since Devra Patton West, in spite of claiming to have in her possession the ‘Universal Archives,’ had little or no income from outside sources.  

This is how the ‘Level 2’ fraud worked.  Three or four times a year the school, the Sacred Archives Institute (SAI), would receive a large influx of income which, to illustrate a point, let’s say was $90,000 in income; let’s say the cost of mounting the seminar was $45,000 leaving a profit of $45,000.  What Devra West would do is take the $45,000 profit (and more if she could get away without paying any suppliers) and leave an invoice behind for say $75,000 for unpaid 'wages'.  There were two results that arose out of this subterfuge the first was that the charity never had any excess money to fund the headline reasons given to the public for their donations and secondly Devra West built a huge non-existent debt up on the charity’s books that one day, when she collapsed the charity, she intended to collect.  Here is an excerpt from a letter that ex-board member of “The Circle of Divine Unity’ charity A.J. White gave me; you can read the entire email here.

When people approached me wanting to know where the donations they had made went, there was no trail.When I insisted on having this information, like monthly financial reports, I couldn’t get them and my investigating caused angst within the office.There was one specific circumstance concerning a donation of $80,000 by Tanmayo (Corrine [I don’t remember her last name]) from Brazil.I became aware of the donation when Devra called me at 10:00pm at home to inform me that she called her “little kitty” (referring to the donor), for some money that she needed.Cheryl O’Brien, DU accountant, was specifically told by Devra that she was not to tell me or Mike Hendrickson (volunteer auditor) that this money had come in.Because of our close relationship and her discomfort, she did disclose this to me and asked for my secrecy.To my knowledge this money did not show anywhere on the books.


“From a business standpoint, DU makes its money by putting on conferences.I chaired the June 2001 bi-annual Sacred Arts Institute.I found there was no clear methodology in preparing for the 2-week event.It truly was a fly-by-the-seat-of your-pants organization, at the whim of Devra West.I was able to track the monies in and receipting of funds for that 2-week period.It was one of the largest conferences and the gross funds taken in for that major event was approximately $95,000. The immediate expenses written off against that conference brought profits well below $50,000.In screening the expenses of the association coupled with the huge personal expenses of Devra, the organization was on shaky ground financially. In trying to attract donations, and trying to put in place some controls of fund usage, I proposed to earmark donations specifically for specific programs i.e. the Children’s program etc.There was major resistance to this as all monies were to be given to Devra personally for her use as she saw fit.She stated at that time that she needed to spend over $100,000 on legal fees for her son and a custody hearing.I do not know the truth of that statement but was puzzled on how this in any way related to the Foundation. I do know that the handling of monies was shrouded in secrecy.When I asked her why she always called the monies hers and not God’s or for the Foundation, she told me how important she was and without her there would be no Foundation, and it all belonged to her.There was an obvious blurring of lines between her personal ownership and that which belonged to the Foundation.”

The events related to above and detailed in A.J. White’s notarized statement occurred in or around the 2001 time frame and before the whistle-blower was recruited to be Devra west’s Business Manager - the role a very corrupt Geoffrey Reynolds CPA now holds.  The custody hearing that is referred to never took place until 2004 to 2005 time frame therefore in addition to the $80,000 donation that West stole from the charity mentioned above it is quite possible that tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more was diverted away from the charity by Devra West personally.

In any event after being constructively dismissed by Devra West in August of 2002 without the pay or shares he was promised the whistle-blower decided to share what he had discovered about the massive fraud being perpetrated by Devra & Jack West with the Secretary of State for Montana with the result that in November 2003 the charity known as ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ was struck off from the register.  This meant that this particular ‘container,’ the charity entitled 'The Circle of Divine Unity' that the West’s used to perpetrate their massive fraud scam was dissolved.  Here is a copy of the Certificate of Revocation striking the charity from the register.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening, Devra West

After the charity was struck off Devra and Jack West then put ‘Level 2’ of their fraud scam into operation which was to use the false invoices (for unpaid wages) that Devra West had deposited on the charity's books to claim that she was owed millions by the charity.  In lieu of those millions (that Devra West had stolen from the charity already) she would instead take the charity’s main asset, the property she had been living in for several years then worth $1,250,000, to repay the ‘nonexistent’ debt!  This Devra West proceeded to do putting the property in a personal trust fund for herself and her eldest son Rob Meador mentioned above as a beneficiary of his mother’s organized crime.

The artwork and valuables, that the whistle-blower had listed as assets belonging to the charity with Cheryl O’Brien in 2002 and then valued at $4,000,000, all went missing in 2003 but later turned up for auction and for sale in Cave Creek Arizona by Devra West aided and abetted by her money laundering accomplice Geoffrey Reynolds CPA.  Of course by then Ms. West had changed her name twice and is currently being called the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra.’  Ms. West in addition to having a new name has a new business ‘container’ called the ‘Golden Flame Foundation’ with her wares being advertised from where members of the public can make single donations of up to $500,000 to her good causes all based on her totally false life story that does not include any of the criminality.

See some of the people below left who actually paid for the artwork and valuables that Devra West later 'fenced' at auction in Carefree AZ or sold from her website.  Devra West below right posing in her Greek Goddess outfit in 2014 and standing in front of one of those pieces of artwork.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening, Devra West, Carefree Arizona

When years later, appearing in court on July 12 2007 as a witness for her son Chris Haywood in his second custody battle from his second wife within three years (funding his legal costs was the reason why $80,000 was stolen from the charity), Devra West when questioned about ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ charity made the following comments.

Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening,Devra West

What Devra West was doing by saying, and I quote, “I served on their board of directors – I think for five years,” was she distancing herself from her own creation.  She did this by implying that others had created the charity to fund her work when in reality Devra West and Jack West had created the charity and populated the board with members of their cult who they knew they could control all the while raping and pillaged the charity of all of its cash donations.  Money that donors were told was going to fund the mortgage on the property that the charity owned and or to pay for more land. 

The whistle-blower can easily prove that the non-profits including ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ were created on the orders of Devra and Jack West because they asked him to create another 3 or 4 non-profits while he was working for them.  It was Devra West who first signed all the documents forming the new non-profits and her signatures was followed by his and other members of her cult who Devra West put forward as board members believing that these individuals could be relied upon or intimidated into remaining silent as she and Jack West defrauded the non-profits.   Go to this link which, as well as including A.J. White’s testimony given to the whistleblower's lawyer, also includes the signatures of the board members for that non-profit put forward by Devra West.

Finally, having collapsed ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ charity and stolen the charity’s main asset a property worth $1,250,000 in 2003 and, having ‘disappeared’ $4,000,000 in artwork and valuables also owned by that charity that later turned up at auction and for sale in Cave Creek AZ (where she now operates as the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra’) and, having moved on to ‘Shamballa’ (Lakeside MT) where she reincarnated herself as the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma,’ the last thing Devra West wanted to be reminded about was her past and all of the people she screwed when she operated as the Ascended Master ‘Devra Ji’ in Victor MT. 

So when being interviewed by counsel while in court on July 12 2007 and when asked about all the ex-employees and students that appeared on my website all alleging that they were mentally and physically abused by Devra West the Master Liar responded in this way…

Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening


The employees and students that the Master Liar insists are ‘fictitious and fabricated’ are the ones in the photograph at the top of this email; the whistle-blower knows this for a fact because he worked with most of them!

But as the Master Liar has often said, “The truth does not actually matter” if you can persuade everyone that your lies are their truth! 

Before moving on to Ms. West’s next incarnation as the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ (circa 2005 to 2011 at Lakeside MT) let us has have a quick ‘body count’ of the victims that arose out of Ms. West’s incarnation as the Ascended Master ‘Devra Ji’ between 1995 and 2004 always realizing that Ms. West was running a cult so secrecy was enforced amongst the brain washed cult members often with violence or heavy financial fines!  This means that the tens of victims I know about are probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Follow this link to see a list of 22 employees / students many of whom appeared on the whistleblower’s website all of which were real people and some who worked very closely with her either as personal secretaries or personal assistants.  Let’s categorize them by the class of crimes that they allege that Devra West committed against each of them.  I believe Devra West currently describes her criminality on her latest website as….

Below here are a list of victims (that the whistleblower knew of) that got the ‘Divine Embrace’ from the occult con artist Devra Patton West when she was calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Devra Ji’ between 1995 and 2004.

Devra Patton West, Devra West, Rishi Devra, OmniAwakening

Jesus said ye shall know them [the false prophets] by their fruits. Are these the actions of a ‘do-gooding’ guru or the actions of a dangerous psychopath?

This list does not include those individuals that had sued Devra West for fraud such as the whistleblower and Essex Ventures LLP; the latter would end up getting a civil judgment against Devra Patton West for some $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  That judgment would result in a judge in 2008 ‘breaking’ open the personal trust fund into which Ms. West had put the Fred Burr Road, Victor property worth $1,250,000 after she stole it from the charity for herself and her son Rob Meador; the property she stole from the charity being sold at a Sheriff’s Sale to fund the $2,000,000 she owed her creditors.  The $4,000,000 worth of art work and valuables was secreted away in a storage unit only to appear a decade later in Arizona at auction and for sale from West’s website!  Please review the ‘Undeniable Facts’ document and evidence of other crimes that Devra West would commit while carrying out her earthly mandate as the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ between 2005 and 2011.


After her charity was struck off the self-appointed Ascended Master / con artist decides to relocate to Shamballa (Lakeside MT) and in doing so drops her old identity as the Ascended Master Devra Ji and moves into her new role as the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma.’  Of course because of the rarefied vibrations that will exist in Shamballa she can only take with her 12 disciples and only those who are prepared to commit 66% of their net worth to her great works. 

In 2005, and between ‘containers’ that allow the con artist to skim off hundreds of thousands of dollars in public / private donations, she decides it is time to cull a few of the useless eaters in her cult and proceeds to defraud student Dave Kushner out of a $30,000 loan that she promised to repay in 14 days!  Next she kidnaps, falsely imprisons and beats student Marion Cantwell and only releases her after Marion agreed to give up a large part of the proceeds of the sale of her home to West as a “donation.” 

Marion is released and told that if she goes to the police she will be murdered. 

Shortly after that occurred, long time student and confident of Devra West, Lisa Swidler who had also negotiated the $30,000 loan from Dave Kushner, decides that she has seen enough and breaks away from the cult only to die suddenly, under suspicious circumstances, leaving two small children behind under the age of 10.  An autopsy was carried out and the coroner ruled that Lisa had died of ‘natural causes’. This would have been the case if a coroner was investigating Rebecca West’s death, Dr. Pat Cole’s death, Jamie Haywood’s death, the whistleblower's death, or the sudden drastic change in mental health of West’s son Chris Haywood’s first wife, Kendal, after he decided he wanted custody of their infant daughter.

As I have said previously; crimes, serious financial crimes like theft, fraud and extortion all the way up to and including attempted murder (and perhaps murder in the case of Lisa Swidler), are being committed on an industrial scale by Devra Patton West, who is aided and abetted by her inner circle.  I guess being totally corrupt, Julio Williams and Jack West would both argue that what is the point of having a ‘secret’ weapon (that allows the owner of this weapon to commit the ‘perfect’ crime over and over again) if you do not use it! 

There is more than enough evidence to show that Devra Patton West has been using this weapon for decades and continues to use this weapon to commit serious crimes on a regular basis and the whistle-blower, being one of scores of victims, intends to keep sharing this evidence until Devra West and her associates are the subject of a criminal trial. 

After launching his lawsuit against Devra West for fraud in 2003 (which he won in 2008) the whistleblower put up a website dedicated to publicizing Devra West’s guru / cult / extortion business and the dangers of associating with her; the site remained up until 2010.  While the website was up he was contacted by many of Devra West’s ex-employees and students who he had known during his tenure there as a Business Consultant these individuals gave him written (go to the documents library) and audio statements (go to the audio library) attesting that they had been the subject of mental and physical abuse and in some cases theft, fraud and extortion at the hands of Devra West. 

Some key written statements from this time period can be viewed by going to the Documents Library and selecting statements by AJ White, Barbara Costatino, Anandra George and Deborah Coffey.

Some key audio statements from this period can be listened to by going to the Audio Library and selecting statements by Kathleen Francisco, Diane Stoner and Cindy Beeman.