Let us start with Geoffrey Reynolds CPA.

Geoffrey Reynolds CPA

Geoffrey Reynolds CPA

The Urban dictionary defines the word ‘scum’ thusly:-

(adj.) Possibly the worst word you can have your name associated with.

It is hard to define the word, but it is basically used to describe someone so disgraceful that they are seen as the lowest form of life. "Worthlessness", "waste of skin", "dirt". "Nothing". Far worse than most other insults, where the victim is often just referred to as genetalia.


I am sure that when Geoffrey Reynolds, applied for and accepted the position of ‘Financial Controller,’ in early 2006 with Devra West’s company ‘Sacred Environments LLC’ he thought he was joining a ‘normal’ business enterprise that would be in full compliance with state and corporate law.  Like the whistleblower before him, like Mike Hendrickson before him, like Esther Michaels before him and like countless other ‘professionals’ before him, and doubtless since, he would find out all too late that this was not the case. 


Geoffrey Reynolds only found out about the criminal nature of Devra West’s business model, who was then calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma,’ after Reynolds was duped by her into loaning her his life savings amounting to $300,000 shortly after he commenced his employment.  If you have reviewed ‘Rishi Devra's Life Journey - The Real Version'on this website you will know that in 2005, after her charity was struck off, Devra West was desperately short for money such that she defrauded ‘student’ David Kushner out of $30,000 and kidnapped, beat and held captive another ‘student,’ Marion Cantwell, only releasing her after the victim agreed to give up part of the sale proceeds of her home to West as a “donation.”  Marion was also told that if she went to the police she would be killed.


The $300,000 which the occult thief Devra Patton West quickly acquires as a ‘loan’ from Geoffrey Reynolds CPA solved two problems a) it gave her some much needed cash flow and b) ensured Reynolds loyalty if he was ever to get his life savings back.


About a year later in March of 2007 the whistleblower started receiving a series of harrowing emails from Rebecca West who was then employed as Devra West’s office manager (no relation).  Rebecca, like other employees at the time, was trapped inside West’s cult and feared for her life and, seeing that the whistleblower had a website up dedicated to getting the truth out about Devra West emailed him asking for help.


What is made crystal clear from these emails of March 2007 is that Geoffrey Reynolds (totally under Devra West’s control since loaning her $300,000) was turning a blind eye to the crimes being committed by Devra West against her own employees and totally ignored Rebecca West’s cries for help

Here in an excerpt from Rebecca West email to the whistleblower entitled “Help Me” this sent to him on 7 March 2007; the square brackets are mine:-


This attitude is pervasive and includes her current finance controller [Geoffrey Reynolds], whom she has extorted from him over $300,000 since Sept 06'. He is very afraid of losing his money, wife, and children yet does not understand why I cannot come back to work and just let it roll off my back while she relentlessly screams at me and publicly humiliates me before, during and after work, and advises if she comes after me, I should just kick her ass!

And here an excerpt from another of her emails sent Friday 23 March 2007 to the whistleblower entitled, ‘What is your status at this point?’ 

The companies owe large sums of money for WC, and ST, and Fed payroll taxes and was the reason he secretly laid-off Wendy Stuart, without confirming this choice with Devra first. He [Geoffrey Reynolds} was attempting to protect his CPA license and as of last night pretends not to remember that we both saw her get hit by Devra with a large, heavy three-ring binder and fired on the spot! I also told him for the fourth time yesterday evening, that in addition to her cruel verbal abuse, I had been slugged by Devra, three times in the back. I told him that I would be going to the State Unemployment Office with the truth and asked him, as my co-worker, if he would tell the truth regarding our working conditions.  He said that it is his responsibility to represent his employer and he will not tell the truth unless specifically asked for the sake of keeping his job.  

Devra dangles the carrot and since he [Geoffrey Reynolds] has loaned her his life savings, plans to keep playing her game until it is played out or he is eventually running her property management company. He has not been paid the $300,000+ owed him and provides excuses that although he has had only four employers in his lifetime, most rich people are eccentric and in his experience their behavior can be much worse than Devra's.  

The reason Devra West was targeting Rebecca West and certain other of her employees was because they had been witnesses to the assault on Dr. Pat Cole and insisted on telling the truth to the police and others.  As a consequence, and in addition to the overt violence doled out by Devra West, the psychopath used her occult knowledge to target unfavorable witnesses with a campaign of psychic attacks.  Here is what Rebecca West had to say about that subject.


"I will not return and subject myself to her violent and abusive behavior! I continue to awaken from a sound sleep (on many occasions) at 3:00 a.m. and last night being one of those nights in which I have the feeling of impending doom, and is the reason I finally really took a look at your website and contacted you.  I need support in how to deal with her shamanic witchcraft.  Can you tell me more? "

Indeed, several employees being targeted in this way by the psychopath, phoned the police to complain about it. Follow this link to read an email communication about this.


What is clear absolutely clear from these communications is that Geoffrey Reynolds CPA was well aware that Devra Patton West had assaulted Dr. Cole back in April 2006 indeed it is likely that he had read West’s written admission, ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification.’  As can be seen from the excerpts of Rebecca West’s correspondence shown above Geoffrey Reynolds well aware of the attempts by his employer Devra Patton West to intimidate unfavorable witnesses into either withdrawing their statements or lie about the circumstances of the assault.


In July of 2007 the whistleblower, concerned for Rebecca West’s safety, shared the information with the Whitefish Pilot newspaper who on July 12 2007 published a story about West’s assault on Dr. Pat Cole MD.  The immediate response of Geoffrey Reynolds CPA and the other members of the cult were to issue statements of denial – Reynolds working hard for his $300,000 issued four statements; three of his own and one jointly authored by senior cult member Julio Williams MD who as if to reward the perpetrator of the crime gave Devra west $100,000. 


Here are the statements ‘liar for hire’ Geoffrey Reynolds published on West’s website aimed to vilify the press and the victim all the while knowing for sure that Devra West was guilty as hell!

Rishi Devra, Devra West, Geoffrey Reynolds



Rishi Devra, Devra West GEoffrey Reynolds, Geoff Reynolds



Geoff Reynolds



Geoff Reynolds, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, Dr. Juio Williams MD


On August 9 2007 the Whitefish Pilot story was followed by another story published by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper to which Geoffrey Reynolds gave a statement on behalf of his employer.


While being interviewed by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper, and totally aware that Devra was guilty of the assault, lied to the reporter and a) tried explain that Dr. Cole’s injuries were caused by an earlier fall at her apartment and b) asserted dishonestly that Dr. Cole MD owed Devra West $1.3 million part of which, some $470,000, was owed for “therapy” and an “internship.” 

Here are two excerpts from his statement to the Bigfork Eagle:-

Speaking for West, Geoff Reynolds claims the charges are untrue. He said photos of the first alleged assault were taken on a different date, and the bloody clothing in the photos resulted from Cole falling down a stairs at her Cherry Creek condo in Lakeside, not from an assault.

‘Reynolds, who is a financial adviser for West, said he has worked as an accountant in Los Angeles, where he dealt with well-known personalities. He is helping West raise several hundred million dollars to purchase and develop three properties around Flathead Lake for VIP spiritual-healing spas. 

The man who took the photos, however, tells a different story about the alleged assault. He came from out-of-state and was sharing the condo with Cole while he attended sessions with West. He said he was meditating when Cole appeared wearing a bloody sweatshirt.  The man said they cleaned some of the blood off Cole's scalp and then took photos so Cole, as a doctor, could see her injuries and decide how to treat the wound. Cole said West hit her on the head with a shoe, the roommate said.’

And more lies here:-

‘Reynolds claims Cole owes West $753,484 and that colors Cole's allegations. Cole's bills for 2004-2006 totaled $1.3 million, including $250,000 for an "internship" under West and $213,750 in "therapy fees" for eleven months last year.  Cole managed to pay West $621,484, but it didn't come easy. At one point, Cole cashed out her IRA and paid West $293,843.’



While being interviewed by reporter Constance See of the Bigfork Eagle newspaper on August 9 2007 Geoffrey Reynolds, in what he thought was an ‘off the record’ conversation, stated that the whistleblower would be dead within 12 months or in jail for reacting to what Devra west was going to do to him and his family (using her occult hidden means).  The statement was taken seriously by the reporter who conveyed it to a federal agent who passed it on to the whistleblower.  Shortly after Reynolds made this statement there was a credible attempt on the whistleblower’s life which fortunately he survived.


The above statement by Geoffrey Reynolds to Constance See of the Bigfork Eagle shows that Geoffrey Reynolds had prior knowledge about the murder attempt which made him an accomplice to the crime more to the point it showed just how far scum Geoffrey Reynolds would go for $300,000. 


It showed Geoffrey Reynolds was completely comfortable with being an accomplice to murder.


In November 2007, in a move worthy of the film ‘Dumber and Dumberer’ Reynolds, still totally under Devra West’s control, tried to get the copy of West’s written admission that she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD, ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification,’ taken down from the whistleblower’s website.  Reynolds approach was to claim copyright of the missive on behalf of Devra West saying that the whistleblower was using the piece without the author’s permission.  Here is an image of the email that Geoffrey Reynolds sent to the whistleblower’s web hosting company.


Rishi Devra, Devra Patton WEst, Goffrey Reynolds


But Reynolds was not done yet.  You see, the murder of the whistleblower was necessary for a number of reasons; here are just three.


  1. Devra West’s ‘divine being’ routine only flies as long as the public are kept unaware of her criminal past so as long as the whistleblower’s website remained up there was zero chance that West’s guru / cult / extortion business model would ever be successful again.

  2. Geoffrey Reynolds had repeatedly denied that his boss Devra West had assaulted Dr. Cole MD but worse still back in 2006 he had money laundered the funds stolen from Dr. Cole MD through West’s business in an attempt to make it look like the funds were received through normal trading; he said as much during his statement to the Bigfork Eagle newspaper.  Even more damning is the fact that Geoffrey Reynolds’ predecessor Betty had resigned rather than be forced to by Devra West to ‘manufacture’ false invoices to make it look like the funds extorted from Dr. Cole were received as normal business.

  3. Geoffrey Reynolds had been at the center of the fraudulent application of $33,000,000 in government grants referred to in t Bigfork eagle news article, highlighted above in yellow and also referred to in an email that Rebecca West sent to the whistleblower in March of 2007.  Here is what Rebecca said:-


Please be advised that the CPEA $'s obtained with Dr. Cole's funds are due into the bank account this week.  These monies were supposed to be available over a year ago and if the transaction is not a fraud then $30M will be deposited in increments.  




I have followed the $30M CPEA funding issue closely and although the monies are earmarked for a 3-Tier Business Plan to develop Spas is the very way to pay off her debt to all of us.  


Three reasons why the whistleblower had to be murdered.


In October 2009, a year after the whistleblower received judgment in the Montana courts against Devra West for fraud, the whistleblower’s lawyers deposed Devra West to see if they could find out where all the money was hidden from her life of crime with a view to forcing her to pay what the courts had awarded.  During the statement, given under oath, Devra West maintained she was penniless and living in an RV in the back of Geoffrey Reynolds garden doubtless Reynolds agreed to be a party to this pack of lies. 

Below here are some excerpts from that deposition statement; it is worth reading, especially West's admission that she is $2,000,000 in debt. The reason she beat the crap out of Dr. Cole and extorted her entire net worth, kidnapped Marion Cantwell and extorted money from her, and defrauded Dave Kushner out of $30,000. Why does none of this show up in the Ascended Master’s ‘Life Journey’ as shown on her website?  Answer it would scare the sheeple away!

Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening

Some two weeks or so after that deposition statement was given by Devra West (under oath) another victim’s mother (Kendall Strnad West’s son Chris Haywood’s second wife) emailed the whistleblower to tell him that Devra West was now living in a $7,000 a month gated community in Cave Creek AZ as she prepared to reincarnate herself as the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra.’  Here is a photo of the latest version of the ‘Abode of the Masters’ where West lives in some luxury from the ill-gotten gains of crime.

Rishi Devra, Devra West, Devra patton West, OmniAwkening

On Section 3, Page 9, line 3, of the deposition statement the Master Liar is asked if she ever owned a residence at 525 Political Hill Road which was Pat Cole’s home.  West responds by saying, “No, it was titled to her briefly, but it became the subject of someone else’s foreclosure.”   What she is not saying is that this was the home that belonged to Pat Cole MD, the victim who Devra West beat the crap out of before bankrupting her by emptying the contents of Dr. Cole’s bank account into hers!

The rest of the deposition statement shows that Geoffrey Reynolds and Devra West are as thick as thieves which is exactly what their relationship is all about. 

If one reads the statement given by Devra West during her deposition, she it appears as though she setting up Reynolds for the fall by asserting that, and I quote, “she leaves all the finances to Reynolds because she grew up in a family where the men handled the money!”  As stated earlier this woman is a compulsive liar who regards everyone, the police, the law courts and her victims with utter contempt believing that there is absolutely nothing anyone can ever do to stop her!

When plan ‘A’ the 2007 murder plot against the whistleblower failed the occult criminal Devra West came up with plan ’B’ which involved using the civil law courts in a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt the whistleblower.  Remember Devra West’s guru / cult / extortion business model only works if the public are ignorant of the truth and buy into the ‘divine being’ routine which of course they would not do if, as is the case now, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary on the internet!

To be clear both the murder plot and the subsequent conspiracy by West & Reynolds were both motivated by the desire to ‘silence’ the whistleblower so that he could not publish the truth about Devra West’s criminal business model on-line.

Once again Devra West and Geoffrey Reynolds acted in unison with Reynolds anxious to show to what lengths he would go to to see the return of the $300,000 he had been duped into loaning West shortly after commencing his employment in the early months of 2006.

Gambling that the whistleblower would not have the finances to a) fly backwards and forwards from the East coast of Canada and b) be able to afford to pay lawyers to fight another lengthy and expensive lawsuit both West and Reynolds waited for the opportunity to execute their plan.  In 2010, while the whistleblower attended a court hearing in Montana to see what that court was going to award him for winning his fraud lawsuit against Devra West in 2008, both Devra West & Geoffrey Reynolds served him for defamation (for telling the truth about West’s criminality and Reynolds’s involvement in it).  And because the whistleblower could not afford to defend the case West & Reynolds lies resulted in a default judgement against the whistleblower of $10,000,000 ($5,000,000 for Reynolds and the same amount for West).

To give an idea of just how corrupt Geoffrey Reynolds was / is I now want to share a copy of the first part of his pleadings to the court in 2010 that led to the default judgment against the whistleblower.


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening


And below here an excerpt from Geoffrey Reynold’s resume as published at the time on his personal website. This document can be found on-line by going here:-


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening



The obvious point being how could Geoffrey Reynolds have been defamed by the whistleblower between 2002 & 2006 if Geoffrey Reynolds CPA was working in Carefree AZ as a consultant and did not meet or commence his employment with Devra West until the early months of 2006?  Clearly Geoffrey Reynolds had not been defamed by the whistleblower and clearly did not know of his existence until Devra West blackmailed him into making false statements to a Montana court on her behalf!

But not only did Geoffrey Reynolds CPA agree to participate in this conspiracy by Devra West against the whistleblower her agreed to ‘front’ the lawsuit leaving Devra West, then calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma,’ to stay out of the limelight and avoid even more publicity around what was obviously a plot to silence the whistleblower in order to hide her ‘criminal’ past from the public.

So for Geoffrey Reynolds a ‘slam dunk’ conspiracy orchestrated by Devra west designed to bankrupt the whistleblower though not as satisfying as murder achieved the following objects of a) keeping West and Reynolds’s crimes off the internet b) Devra West got revenge for the whistleblower’s win in court against her for fraud and c) allowed Devra West to reincarnate in Carefree AZ as the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra.’

After the whistleblower’s website was taken down, because he could not afford to travel to Montana from Nova Scotia for the court hearings to challenge her request for an injunction against him, the coast was clear for Devra West to reincarnate herself as the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra which she proceeded to do in Carefree Arizona.  Why Carefree AZ?  Well that is Geoffrey Reynolds’s old home town, where he lived prior to taking up his position in West’s cult in early 2006. 


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening

While Reynolds association with Devra West’s cult is still clearly mentioned on his personal website Reynolds is clearly anxious to hide his past association with Devra West and her cult from his current employers McSwain & Company, PSThe question is this.  Did Geoffrey Reynolds CPA knowingly hide his ‘criminal’ past from his current employers?

Here is a link to Geoffrey Reynolds’s entry on McSwain & Company’s website which as you can see below here has no mention of his tenure with Devra West and her cult.  In an obvious lie Reynolds states that during that period of time he was an “Outsourced CFO / Independent Consultant” even though on his personal website he states that from 2006 until his departure from Devra West’s cult in 2014 Reynolds was clearly only working for one employer!  Perhaps Reynolds wants us all to believe that as an “independent consultant” he makes false statements to the media, false statements to the court and on social media for all of his clients?


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening


Whereas on his personal website below, he is not so coy at mentioning his association with organized crime!


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening


We do not know or care how long McSwain & Company, PS will continue to employ Geoffrey Reynolds CPA now that they know about his past association with organized crime but if they value their reputation they might want to consider returning Mr. Reynolds to his life as an “Outsourced CFO / Independent Consultant” ASAP.  In that somewhat less constrained and regulated atmosphere, Reynolds would be free to act as he did in August 2009 when, while being interviewed by the Bigfork Eagle newspaper he made the following on the record and off the record statements to the reporter interviewing him.


  1. The victims injuries (a local female doctor and alleged Whirlpool heiress) did not receive her injuries from his employer / cult leader Devra West (in spite of West’s written admission and the many witnesses including the police) but received them from an earlier fall at her apartment!  Reynolds went on to claim copyright of West’s admission that she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD in an attempt to force the document off of the whsitleblower’s websites.  Devra West, Reynolds’s employer / cult leader was later convicted of the assault.

  2. The $1.3 million extorted from Dr. Pat Cole MD was owed to Reynolds’s employer / cult leader for amongst other things an “internship” and for “therapy.”  The victim was also forced to sign over her home worth $750,000.

  3. In an off the record comment to the reporter Reynolds stated that the whistleblower would be dead within 12 months or in jail for reacting to what his employer / cult leader was going to do to him and his family.  The reporter took this threat seriously enough to share it with a federal agent!

 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening


And to show just how very corrupt Geoffrey Reynolds is, here is a social media ‘Meet Up’ posting Reynolds made in 2014 in his old home town of Cave Creek, AZ. This posting made in an attempt to attract yet more victims to the occult thief’s ‘Divine Embrace’, I suspect Reynolds as an 'independent' consultant does this kind of thing for all of his clients.


 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA,Geoffrey L Reynolds CPA, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Rishi Devra, Devra West, OmniAwakening



Lies, deceit, turning a blind eye to serious crime, complicity to murder, criminal conspiracy and as you can see above ‘marketing’ the occult devil to his old neighbors so that they would be her next victims.


Geoffrey Reynolds has earned the accolade of ‘Scum.’ 


I believe Geoffrey Reynolds CPA has now returned to California to work there as a CPA.  Clearly this man should be in jail and not working as an accountant in a position of trust.  If you know where Geoffrey Reynolds is currently employed please pass a link to this page to his employer because, as with Devra West’s ‘Life Journey,’ I bet very little if any of the TRUTH is showing up on his resume. However, the object of the exercise is not just to name and shame Goffrey Reynolds, it is to make him the subject of a criminal trial for complicity to commit murder, criminal conspiracy, his part in the fraudulent application of $33,000,000 in government grants and money laundering.


Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, Omni Awakening, Sanctuary for the Soul, Rishi Devra, Devra West,,


Letter to Potential Future Employers Warning about Reynolds' Criminal Past.