Rishi Devra's Life Journey - The Real Version

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West 

If you follow this link you will be taken to the main page of Devra West’s latest propaganda website; if you the navigate to the ‘Rishi Devra’ tab and drop down and select the ‘Life Journey’ tab you will see an image that looks like the one above.  Everything you see on that page, the ‘Rishi Devra’ page, the ‘Names of Endearment’ page the ‘Testimonials’ page and for that matter the rest of the website is total fantasy – total delusion.

Look at the staged photo above left, the clothes, the bunch of dried flowers and the setting – all staged as if from some Vogue photo shoot for wanna be Ascended Masters.  All of this deceit, this propaganda comes from the mind of a deeply disturbed psychopathic person / personality who, because they have gained access to occult knowledge believes themselves to be a God / Goddess.

Jesus said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” So let us set aside the flashy stage managed photo shoots that any successful criminal with a large bank account can manifest.  Let us cut through the lies, deceit and propaganda to the truth about this con artist.  I challenge anyone to look through her life story and find the following FACTS about her ‘DIVINE LIFE.’  The following information was gathered by the whistleblower while researching his life story.

The whistleblowers lawyer could find no evidence Devra West’s formal education went beyond her high school years when asked for her degrees Devra West told the whistleblowers layer that they were lost in a flood in New Mexico.  One of the students to West’s unaccredited school tells a different story:-

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West

1970 – 1980.       According to Jeremy Samuelson who knew Devra West (and Jack West) back in the 70’s & 80’s she started out as the owner of a jewelry business and grew marijuana as a sideline. Devra and Jack West defrauded Jeremy Samuelson out of $10,000. The jewelry business went bankrupt so Devra West subsequently decided to become an Ascended Master instead.

1990 – 1991         Devra West attended the ‘Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery’ which gave her the occult knowledge she now uses against her fellow man as a weapon for financial gain.  One of the other people attending the same course as Ms. West was ‘Satya’ who described Ms. West as a deeply disturbed psychopathic person / personality.  She went on to say in her letter to the whistleblower that upon conclusion of the course in 1991 Devra west immediately declared herself to be and Ascended Master and that anyone not agreeing was ‘blocking’ the energies!  Satya was defrauded out of $6,000 by Devra West.  Do you the reader detect a pattern here?

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West

1991 – 1995         After leaving Ascended Master School Ms. West hones her new skills in New Mexico where she promptly sets up her first cult based around the fact that she is a Goddess and it is the ‘privilege’ of the ordinary folk to worship her and support her financially.  Here is an excerpt from a document entitled ‘Pat’s Records’ which belonged to one of Devra West’s later victims Dr. Pat Cole MD.  This document references the ‘divine life’ that Devra West lived in New Mexico before being chased out of that state in the middle of the night by one of her victims who according to Jack West had a large gun.  Here is that quote.

These files include statements by persons who previously worked for Devra West, citing dozens of abuses and dating back to 1995 in New Mexico (most are already court documents on record in Ravalli County, MT).

DEVRA JI 1995 – 2005         Devra West (working with husband Jack West) operated what can only be described as a guru / cult / extortion business at their Victor MT location, the vehicle for their giant fraud scam was a charity ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ with the cash cow being a school for occult studies (Hogwarts for real) which West called the ‘Sacred Arts Institute.’  You can review a little of what Ms. West got up to there by going to the Devra Ji section of this website.

Most notable incidents during this time period were:-

    1. A large civil lawsuit with Ms. West as the defendant nt and Essex Ventures LLP with others as the plaintiffs.  This lawsuit would end in Devra West being the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.

    2. After defrauding the whistleblower who issued leghistleblower who issued legal proceedings against her in 2003 West’s charity ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ was struck off the Montana charity register because of fraud.  West’s response was to steal the charity’s main asset the property at Fred Burr Road Victor worth $1,250,000 in 2003 and put it in a personal trust fund for her and her eldest son Rob Meador.  West also stole $4,000,000 in artwork and valuables from the charity which disappeared in 2003 and turned up in Carefree AZ at auction and for sale by West from her current website.  Go to the Devra Ji section of this website for more details.

    3. Short of funds Devra West decides to convert a couple of her students (cult members) into cash accordingly Dave Kushner was defrauded out of $30,000 after agreeing to loan her the money for 14 days.

    4. Another student Marion Cantwell is kidnapped, held prisoner and beaten until she agrees to give up part of the sale of her home to West; Marion is released and is told not to go to the police or she will be murdered.

    5. Shortly after this Lisa Swidler, another student and a close confident of Devra West’s, who witnessed the above two crimes decides to leave the cult and quickly and mysteriously dies of internal bleeding!

    6. A.J. White, Ex-board member of the charity ‘The Circle of Divine Unity,’ details how Devra Patton West partially scalped Susannah Felder, an employee, after having a disagreement with her.  Devra West, a Goddess on the Royal Path, does not allow mere humans to disagree with her about anything!

    7. As Beatrice McGuire found out to her cost when attending a conference held by ‘Devra Ji’ in Montreal.  Apparently Devra West was spouting lies and disinformation at this event and Beatrice challenged the Ascended Master on some of the things she said with the result that the ‘divine being’ ripped off part of one of Beatrice’s ears causing her to need plastic surgery to repair the damage.  A statement by Deborah Coffey, another student who was present, details what happened.

SURYA MA 2006 – 2011         Having been forced to leave Victor MT on account of the fact that her charity had been struck off Devra West changes her name from ‘Devra Ji’ to ‘Surya Ma’ and takes what is left of her cult (only those who would promise 66% of their net worth to her good causes) to Lakeside MT which West sells to her disciples as ‘Shamballa.’

Most notable incidents during this time period were:-

    1. The vicious assault on Dr. Pat Cole MD in early 2006 after West’s fraudulent application for $33,000,000 in government grants failed.  The violence was part of a campaign of ‘intimidation’ designed to force the heiress to hand over her entire net worth to Devra West who was by this time calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma.’ Remember that Devra West was the defendant in lawsuit brought by Essex Ventures LLP and others and she desperately needed millions of dollars to pay the fines.  Since all crimes would be kept secret and hidden inside the cult why not thieve, defraud and extort as she had dome earlier with students Kushner and Cantwell. 

    Here is a quote from the Whitefish Pilot news article published July 12 2007.

    Cole claims Ms. West threw a lamp at her and hit her with a briefcase, cell phone and her hand. "She took off her shoe and hit me on the top of my head, causing my scalp to bleed onto my face, neck and clothes," Cole's statement reads. "She threatened to kill me with a gun to my head, 'blowing my brains out,' and advised me to commit suicide by slitting my wrists, after I'd taken out an insurance policy on myself."  Photos taken after the alleged beating were submitted to the sheriff's office.

    These events are well covered in two newspaper articles published by the Whitefish Pilot and the Bigfork Eagle; they are also detailed in statements by Carlida Finch, Rebecca West and John Mark Young.

    2. Of course the whole point of a cult is to allow psychopaths like Devra Patton West to break all state and federal laws without consequence because all of the crimes are kept hidden inside the cult behind a wall of secrecy.  So Devra West, believing she is totally above the law like a medieval baron lording over their fiefdom commits acts of theft, fraud, extortion and violence without worrying about any consequences.  What makes this particular psychopath so dangerous is her knowledge of the occult.

    After Devra West’s vicious assault on Dr. Pat Cole which involved the police being called out, became the subject of two newspaper articles those friendly witnesses to the victim found themselves under psychic attack from the occult devil.  Indeed several of them called the police but were told by the police that there was nothing the police could do because shamanism is not regarded under legal statute as a weapon – a fact that Devra West has relied upon for nearly three decades. Below here is a short excerpt from Devra West’s office manager Rebecca West (no relation to Devra West) a close friend of Dr. Cole and a favorable witness for her that Devra West was targeting for intimidation.  Here is what this witness had to say to the whistleblower in March of 2007.  You can read all of Rebecca West’s harrowing emails by going here.

    I will not return and subject myself to her violent and abusive behavior! I continue to awaken from a sound sleep (on many occasions) at 3:00 a.m. and last night being one of those nights in which I have the feeling of impending doom, and is the reason I finally really took a look at your website and contacted you.  I need support in how to deal with her shamanic witchcraft.  Can you tell me more?

    3. Devra West, like all psychopaths, is a compulsive liar and regularly perjures herself under oath while giving statements in court.  On the same day the Whitefish Pilot news article was published she was in court giving evidence on behalf of her wife beating porn loving son’s custody battle for his infant daughter from his second wife Jamie Haywood.  While in court and under oath West stated that her business empire was multi-billion dollar affair even though at the time, as reported in the Bigfork Eagle newspaper article, she was being evicted from two rental properties in quick succession in Lakeside MT and had a lien against her for unpaid employment insurance.

    The second big lie was that, when asked by counsel for the defense during her son’s custody hearing, if she had violently assaulted Dr. Pat Cole MD the Master Liar replied no way – no!  Follow this link to review an excerpt from the court transcript.  This in spite of the lengthy written admission entitled ‘The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification,’ sent to her entire mailing list on April 17 2006 that she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD and that the assault was severe.

    West went on to lie over and over again denying that the many employees featured on the whistleblower’s website (see Devra Ji page on this website), all of whom had alleged mental and physical abuse at West’s hands, were her ex-employees.  She referred to them in court as fabricated and fictitious accusing the whistleblower of being a tabloid reporter who had worked for a newspaper in London.

    4. In 2008 the crimes the Master Abuser committed in Victor MT while she was the Ascended Master Devra Ji finally caught up with her and she became the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale to force her to pay her creditors $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.

    Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West

    5. Meanwhile in Lakeside MT in 2007 – 2008 time period Devra West AKA the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ knowingly and willfully used images of a multimillion dollar lakeside property without the permission of owners Robert and Tabby Ivy.  West represented the property (see below) in her brochures and on her website as belonging to her; she called it ‘Surya Ma’s Abode’ & ‘The Living Waters Healing Center.’ 

    Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West

    The Ivy’s repeatedly asked Devra West over the two year period not to keep misrepresenting the property as belonging to her but these Ascended Masters are tricky customers – clearly earthly laws do not apply to them at all!  You can read about this in the Whitefish Pilot newspaper article.

    6. In April 2008 the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ AKA Devra West was convicted of Assaulting Dr. Pat Cole MD you can go here to review the court documents.  See Whitefish Pilot news article below here. 

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

    7. In August 2008 another fraud lawsuit with Devra West the defendant (Top to Bottom Construction V D West 1, 2 and 3) went before the Supreme Court in Montana for review.  Devra West was involved in this fraud with her son Chris Haywood who quite by coincidence has an FBI record that includes forgery, dangerous drug use and motor vehicles offences.  Like mother like son.


    OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

    8.  On July 16 2008 a Montana Court granted judgment to the whistleblower in respect of his fraud lawsuit against Devra West which was launched in 2003; you can go here to read what the Ravalli Republic court reporter wrote about the court case.

    Along the way Devra West and the senior members of her cult subjected the whistleblower to character assassination and defamation from West’s websites, false witness statements, email threats from Julio Williams MD who used the ‘f’ word in an email to the whistleblower and stated that he was giving Devra West $2,000,000 to fight the whistleblower’s lawsuit against his cult leader.  From late December 2006 onwards the whistleblower and his family became the subject of a campaign of violent occult attacks from Devra West designed to intimidate him from withdrawing his lawsuit.

    After receiving a series of harrowing emails from Rebecca West (Devra West’s then office manager – no relation) an employee trapped inside Devra West’s cult, the whistleblower caused two news articles about Devra West’s criminality to be published in the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle on July 12 2007 and August 9 2007 respectively.  While being interviewed by the Bigfork Eagle senior cult member Geoffrey Reynolds CPA let it be known that the whistleblower would be dead within 12 months (murdered) or in jail for reacting to what the Occult Thief Devra West was going to do to him or his family.  Within a few short weeks there was a credible attempt on the whistleblower’s life which obviously was orchestrated by Devra West.

    When the whistleblower travelled from Nova Scotia to the court in Montana where the court was to determine what to award him in damages and costs after West’s appeal the whistleblower was served by Devra West and her stooge / accomplice Geoffrey Reynolds for defamation – for telling the truth.  West gambled, successfully, that after fighting a bitter and expensive lawsuit for 7 years that the whistleblower, now living on the East coast of Canada would not be able to afford the legal and travel costs to defend a multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit.  Accordingly, after the whistleblower failed to defend the lawsuit Ms. West, and her accomplice Geoffrey Reynolds (who was a total stranger to the whistleblower) were awarded summary judgement.

    You have to understand that civil and criminal law is not set up to dispense ‘justice’ but to provide lawyers and the judiciary with a good living.  In reality the party who has the deepest pockets nearly always wins because they can outspend the other party irrespective of the evidence.  In West’s case back in 2003 she warned the whistleblower that if he took her to court she would, and I quote, “get so down and f*cking dirty he would not know what hit him - huge expenses coming out of his pocket not hers.”  You can hear Ms. West say all of this in her own words by following this link as the whistleblower recorded the entire meeting wherein the occult thief can also be heard saying that, “the truth does not matter.”  You can hear her say that by going here.

    So it is highly likely that senior cult member and financier of organized crime Julio Williams MD did give Devra West, then calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ more than enough funds to outspend the whistleblower.


    9. Also in 2008 the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ was the subject of an arrest warrant for criminal check fraud.

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

    10. In 2009 the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ was the subject of another arrest warrant this time for felony theft (see below).

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

    11. In a new low, even for the Master Criminal / Ascended Master Surya Ma AKA Devra Patton West, the whistleblower received an email from her step mother Carol Patton asking for the $30,000 she alleges she and her late husband (West’s father) were defrauded out of.

I challenge anyone to find any of this information in the ‘Life Story’ or ‘Rishi Devra’ sections of her website under the ‘Rishi Devra’ tab.  You won’t find a single mention of any this TRUTHFUL, FACTUAL information because when you are a con-artist like Devra West is the TRUTH is bad for business.  Follow this link to hear Ms. West say that, “the truth does not matter,” in her own voice!

You are not going to see an illustration like the one below here that correctly depicts Devra West’s ‘business model’ oh no that would give the game away!  You are not going to be told that the millions of dollars she acquires through crime is converted into precious metals and jewels and secreted away but one of her ex-students Elaine knows what is going on.  Please follow this link to read her statement.

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

You are not going to hear the truth about Devra West’s sordid home life that includes physical altercations with her problem son Chris Haywood; one of these altercations, according to testimony from his ex-wife Jamie Haywood, involved him holding his mother Devra West against the wall by her throat while she was licking his face with her tongue!  You can read the court transcript for all the sordid details by going here 1, 2 and 3.  

Jamie Haywood’s testimony about life with the family from hell can be found by selecting part 2.  It includes the revelations that Jaime was forced to have an abortion after getting pregnant when she was underage and while Chris Haywood was fighting for custody of his infant daughter from his first wife Kendall.  Jamie alleges she was told by Chris Haywood that it would not look good in court if he had a pregnant underage girlfriend while fighting for custody of his daughter!  Chris Haywood allegedly broke Jaime Haywood’s nose when she was eight months pregnant because he thought she was looking at other men.  This is just a small part of the reality of who Devra Patton West really is.

Note Jamie Haywood’s assertion in the court transcript and in the email she sent to the whistleblower asking for help that the occult devil, then calling herself the Ascended Master ‘Surya Ma’ was at the time targeting both Jaime Haywood and her infant daughter with occult attacks in an attempt to persuade Jamie to give up her daughter to West’s son.  This tactic had worked perfectly 2 or 3 years earlier against Chris Haywood’s first wife Kendal resulting in him getting custody of his infant daughter from that marriage.

No, instead you are going to see the same person depicted in the arrest warrant and the court transcript above, an occult con artist, dressed in diaphanous flowing gowns just as she imagines a Greek Goddess to be, to give the illusion that she might be something wholesome instead of a murderous occult thief who works with demonic entities which she uses to frighten and intimidate her victims.


OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

Devra West and her accomplices, chief amongst them Geoffrey Reynolds, Julio Williams and Jack West, are running a multi-million dollar a year fraud scam and as Devra West and Geoffrey Reynolds have already shown they are prepared to go to any lengths, including murder (and after that failed in the case of the whistleblower), criminal conspiracy to bankrupt him to keep their lucrative business model going.

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

Now that you have been exposed to a little (just the tip of the iceberg) of what the occult thief and suspected serial killer Devra West is really like (as opposed to what is depicted on her website courtesy of the expensive photo shoots, the lies, deceit and propaganda) let us ponder on the absurdity of a criminal like Devra West offering up ‘Jewels of Wisdom for the Contemporary Initiates.’ 

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

The ‘Universal Archives,’ like the ‘Royal Path’ and the ‘Lotus Born’ and the ‘Divine Embrace’ are all mental constructs that do not exist in reality.  They have been summoned out of the mind of someone who is criminally insane and, along with expensive stage managed photo shoots of herself depicted as a Greek Goddess, are used to attract the spiritually confused like moths to a flame and often with the same result. 

You can tell a lot about a person by listening to what they say and how they say it when they think they are not being watched or listened to by others.  Follow this link to listen to Devra West in her own voice tell the whistleblower that if he sued her for fraud she would get so fu*king down and dirty he would not know what hit him etc.  And that is exactly what happened because like most successful criminals she a) knows how to ‘game’ the legal system and b) she had / has a huge war chest of funds to fight off any legal challenge to her version of reality in the civil courts. 

Earlier on in this website I demonstrated how Devra West used images of Robert & Tabby Ivy’s multi-million dollar property on her website and in her brochures for two years around the 2006 – 2007 timeframe this is fraud!   Similarly Devra West uses the names of some of her past victims as testimonials to attract other victims!

For example Dave Kushner, defrauded out of $30,000 by the occult thief in 2005 is shown as a testimonial for the occult thief. 

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

Can anyone imagine that after being defrauded by someone they would agree to post a testimonial for the fraudster? No, of course not, but West knows that the victims are not going to challenge her because if they do, they will become victims of a campaign of hidden ‘under the radar’ occult attacks.

Susannah Felder also shows up as a testimonial on West’s website some 17 years after West viciously assaulted her and in the course of doing so, partially scalped her.  Does anyone in their right mind believe that after such a violent attacks Susannah would post a testimonial for her psycho attacker?

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

Here is how witness A. J. White, ex-board member of ‘The Circle of Divine Unity,’ describes the attack on Susannah.  You can read A. J. White’s full statement by going here.

“In late July 2001, while I was on a business trip to Denver, Susanna Felder, a committed assistant for over 9 years and editor of Devra’s writing, called me.  She called me in severe distress as she had gotten into a heated discussion with Devra on whether or not I should be put on the BOD – there was no Foundation BOD at that time.  Devra became so incensed that she attacked her and ripped clumps of hair out of Susanna’s head. This was severe abuse and ultimately led to Susanna leaving DU within the month.”

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,

The use of the Ivy’s multi-million dollar property for two years by Devra West to portray herself as a woman of means (while in reality being evicted in quick succession from two rental properties) and posting fake testimonials from victims of crimes committed by her are just two small examples of, “the truth does not actually matter.”  [If the occult thief can convince visitors to her website, social media sites etc. that her lies are the truth – then her lies replace the truth.]

There is a reason that, after each iteration of her criminal conspiracy is shut down, Devra West moves from one western state to another (NM, MT & AZ).  She believes, and rightly so far, that western states either do not understand ‘white collar’ crime or do not have the resources to prosecute it.  While the occult thief’s weapon of choice is not regarded by legal statute as a weapon, the whistleblower believes that there is such a strong pattern of criminality over such a long period of time, that proving ‘intent’ to cause harm should not be difficult.

This website has two aims; the first is to warn the public about the serious dangers of associating with Devra West and her cult, the second aim is to have her arrested for attempted murder, criminal conspiracy and countless examples of theft, fraud, extortion and violent assault.

Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening

OmniAwakening,Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra West,