Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Rishi Devra


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,
(THE LIAR)                               (THE CRIMINALLY INSANE)                        (THE NARCISSIST)

Devra Patton West’s involvement with crime goes way back to the 1970’s & 1980’s. During that time Patton West a pot grower, drug dealer ex-bankrupt and con artist who was defrauding individual victims one at a time.  Two victims of fraud, Jeremy Samuelson and Satya, both provided the whistleblower with statements that affirm that both were defrauded out of several thousand dollars each.  However, waiting for individual victims to come to her was never going to make her a millionaire, so after her jewelry business went bankrupt, Patton West decided to become an Ascended Master with the objective of attracting gullible spiritual seekers into playing the role of student to her role as Master Teacher.  For her new criminal business model to work, Patton West needed the solution to two problems.

1. She needed to offer gullible spiritual seekers more than just lies and propaganda – she needed to deliver something ‘tangible’ an experience that would attract the ‘sheeple’ into the corral and keep them there.  

2. She also needed a weapon that would allow her to manipulate, control and ‘harvest’ the energy and financial resources of the sheeple in a way that had little or no legal consequences for her. 

In pursuit of the goal of being able to commit serious crimes over and over again, (with no downside to her) Patton West enrolled in a course of ‘energy’ training at the ‘Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery’ which is one of the world’s foremost occult schools.  After completing the training between 1990 & 1991, Patton West immediately announced that she was an Ascended Master and began building a personality cult around herself based on the narcissist’s lies and propaganda.  The training at the ‘Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery’ had provided her with the solution to both of the problems outlined above. 

1.  Armed with occult (hidden) knowledge and with heavily staged managed appearances by the Master Teacher in front of her ‘students,’ who she promised to share some of her knowledge with for a price, Patton West was able to convince the sheeple that they were getting something out of prostrating themselves at her feet.  In reality, the ‘audiences’ that were granted by the occult master were heavily ‘overlaid’ with ritual magic, giving each participant a little energy ‘buzz’. This gave the adoring worshippers the feeling that they were in the presence of a minor deity.  Everything about her appearances was minutely controlled for effect, like the productions that illusionist David Copperfield puts on in Las Vegas. This included the special ‘mood’ music, her Greek Goddess outfits, and the two hand maidens sitting at her feet; one holding a box of tissues and the other holding a glass of water.  The whole stage-managed production was an elaborate illusion but since the sheeple expected to be dazzled, by what they were led to believe was a minor deity, that is exactly what most of them perceived. 

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

2.  The same occult (hidden) knowledge was / is used as a weapon to facilitate the committing of scores of crimes, mainly of a financial nature.  The crimes of theft, fraud and extortion are committed against individuals i.e. her employees, students to her unaccredited school for occult studies and those she attracts to her ‘Private Sessions.’  The occult weapon is also used to silence dissent and enforce by fear a wall of secrecy around the goings on inside her cult.  Effectively for the last 28 years or so in New Mexico, Montana and now Arizona Patton West has ruled over and operated a private fiefdom inside which her word is the rule of law.  In this way she robs, defraud and extorts money from individuals, the state she operates in and the IRS with apparent impunity.  Anyone likely to or who does go public, is subject to a campaign of defamation by her and the senior members of her cult; threats of intimidation, a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence and in some case murder.

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

Above: Patton West’s cult / criminal racketeering gang is made possible by her use of occult (hidden) knowledge a weapon used to coerce, intimidate and murder which is not recognized by legal statute making her prosecution very difficult.

In 2005, student Lisa Swidler died mysteriously after witnessing two serious crimes that were committed by Patton West against students David Kushner and Marion Cantwell. Dave Kushner was defrauded out of $30,000 and Marion Cantwell was kidnapped, held captive and had tens of thousands of dollars extorted from her.  When finally released, she was told not to go to the police or she would be murdered.  In 2006, Patton West was overheard by employee Carlida Finch discussing the murder of Dr. Pat Cole MD.  As Patton West’s office manager Rebecca West (no relation to Patton West) wrote in a harrowing email entitled ‘Help Me’, Cole was allowed to live after signing over her home worth $750,000 and paying Patton West approximately $500,000 in cash.  In 2007, Patton West attempted to murder John Watson, a victim of fraud who turned whistleblower, with Geoffrey Reynolds, a senior member of her cult, announcing the murder ahead of the failed attempt.  After the murder plot failed, Dr. Julio E Williams, another senior member of her cult, put up $2,000,000 of his own money to silence the whistleblower by funding multiple frivolous lawsuits against him.

Patton West is not shy about her occult abilities. While being interviewed by the Whitefish Pilot newspaper in July 2007, Patton West stated that she was trained in ‘shamanic visioning’ by Native American elders.  Therefore, it is no surprise that one of the hostile witnesses who was present when Patton West viciously assaulted her business partner Dr. Pat Cole MD, asked the whistleblower for help with Patton West’s shamanic witchcraft.  Indeed, several hostile witnesses complained to the police but were told that the weapon being used is not recognized as a weapon.  A fact that Patton West has relied upon for 28 years.

What makes Patton West so successful as a criminal and so dangerous, is the fact that the‘weapon’ she uses to both commit her crime on an industrial basis, and silence dissent, is not recognized as a weapon under legal statute.  Similarly, the lies and propaganda she uses on her website, Facebook pages etc. to suck in victims are apparently ‘protected’ under religious freedom laws.  

There is documentary evidence showing there were many victims of mental and physical abuse at the hands of Patton West when she operated in New Mexico between 1991 & 1995. In 1995, Patton West was chased out of New Mexico by one gun wielding victim who realized the police were totally powerless to help him.  Patton West moved her cult to Victor Montana where she operated as the Ascended Master Devra Ji between 1995 & 2005.  In 2005, after Patton West’s charity was struck off for fraud, she relocated to Kalispell area of Montana where she operated as the Ascended Master Surya Ma.  

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

Above from left to right: Notice of a Sheriff’s Sale, Arrest Warrant for Criminal Check Fraud.  Top right: Arrest Warrant for Felony Theft. Below Right: notice in a local newspaper of Patton West’s Conviction for Assault.

Between 2008 & 2009 alone, Patton West was the recipient of two arrest warrants, one for criminal check fraud and one for felony theft, a conviction for assault and was forced to sell all of her assets at a Sheriff’s Sale to pay past victims of crime $2,000,000 in court fines and interest.  Patton West also made multiple appearances in court as the defendant in fraud related lawsuits, including one brought against her by the whistle-blower, which he won in 2008.  

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,
Above from left to right:  In 2007 the Whitefish Pilot & Bigfork Eagle newspapers both led on Patton West’s vicious assault of her business partner.  The Whitefish Pilot announces Patton West’s conviction for assault in 2008.  The Ravalli Republic covered the 2008 judgment given to the whistleblower by the court after Patton West was found guilty of defrauding him.

However, what really ended her ‘world service’ efforts (organized crime) in Montana was the publishing of three damning newspaper articles by the Whitefish Pilot, Bigfork Eagle and Ravalli Republic

You will find none of this information in her bio / life story because under religious freedom laws, even though the motive is obviously fraud, Patton West can have as many lies of omission as she wishes and tell as many lies about herself as she wishes.

After the above mentioned newspaper articles were published, nobody believed the ‘divine being’ bullshit which is the center piece of her criminal racketeering business model.  As a consequence, Patton West was forced to move from Montana to another western state where they apparently do not prosecute ‘white collar’ crime – Arizona.  Upon arrival in Arizona, Patton West changed her name to ‘Rishi Devra’ and resurrected the tried and tested criminal racketeering business model that worked for her in New Mexico and Montana.  With millions of dollars she acquired from organized crime between 1991 & 2010, Patton West began to vigorously market her latest fake persona to the spiritual / metaphysical communities of Sedona and Scottsdale AZ

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,
Above: Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.  Like they did in New Mexico and Montana before she was ran out of both states and arrived in Arizona, where she is still telling the same lies!

Patton West does not hide the fact that she is a pathological liar to her victims - she even brags about it.  In a March 2003 conversation with John Watson, a victim of fraud by her, Patton West made a number of statements totally unaware that the whistleblower was recording her every word with a hidden digital tape recorder.  You can listen to the whole conversation by going here.   Below are a few excerpts from that conversation.  

Note Patton West’s comment in item (1.) that the truth does not actually matter if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth.   Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model is entirely built on lies and propaganda.  As Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”  Arizona is the third western state Patton West is telling her lies in and the ‘sheeple’ keep on turning up to be fleeced by her!

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

1. The truth does not matter (if she can convince the public that her lies are their truth).
2. West says her agreements are worthless.
3. West agrees she has defrauded John Watson but does not see herself paying him!
4. West acknowledges that she is a control freak and admits to disposing of people like used Kleenex.
5. West goes berserk and in an expletive laden tirade accuses the whistleblower of exploiting her vulnerability!  This behavior proves beyond doubt that Devra West is criminally insane.  
6. West says that if Watson sues her she’ll get so f*cking down and dirty huge expenses coming out of his pocket and not hers because Williams will pay her legal fees.
7. West says she feels stabbed in the back and f*cked up the arse by Watson’s insistence that West pay her the $50,000 she owes him.  West has an emotional melt down and leaves in hysterics!

In summary, prior to 1990 Devra Patton West was a pot grower, drug dealer, con artist and bankrupt. 

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

Above: Timeline from a pot grower, drug dealer, con artist and bankrupt to Regent of the New Americas and the light that stands behind leader and world servers across the globe.  Devra Patton West con artist and violent convicted criminal.

Today, this criminally insane narcissist wants us all to believe that she is:-

The Regent of the Masters (see image below).  The Regent of the New Americas (see image below).

She is assigned the “Great Work” of guiding humanity etc. (see image below).

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

Above: Nobody wears a king sized bed sheet quite like narcissist Devra Patton West. Being criminally insane and, having literally gotten away with murder for 28 years, Patton West awards herself with ever more ludicrous titles and accolades.

As the Light that stands behind leaders and world servers from across the globe.

As a Planetary Regent.  

As an instrument of mercy she offers the phenomena of divine grace healings and the karmic resolution of divine dispensation.  (If you pay her she’ll give you a miracle cure and forgive your past karma).

She has been preparing for thousands of years to guide humanity…

Her presence in Sedona & Scottsdale is a blessing to all souls.

She received her call to serve the world at age 7.

Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, The Mataji, The Regent,

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