Director James Comey

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


30 April 2017


Dear Director Comey,


FBI, Justice Probe of Burlington College

I understand from a news article published by VTDigger that there is an investigation underway by the Justice Department and the FBI into former Burlington College president Jane Sanders who is alleged to have overstated donation amounts in a bank application for a $6.7 million loan that was used by the college to purchase a prime 33-acre property on Lake Champlain in 2010.


Sanders told People’s United Bank that the college had $2.6 million in pledged donations to support the purchase of the former Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington property on North Avenue. The college, however, received only $676,000 in actual donations from 2010 through 2014, according to figures provided by Burlington College.  It is quite possible that this investigation was / is politically motivated and got underway as a result of the intervention of a Republican lawyer.


Whereas elsewhere, crime on an industrial scale, far more serious in nature than that alleged to have been committed by Jane Sanders is ignored!  Why is this? For example take the case of Devra Patton West who has operated her criminal business model in three western states over three decades and has managed so far, to avoid jail, even though if the FBI and the Justice Department cared to look in her direction, they would find multiple counts of theft, fraud, extortion, violent assault, money laundering, attempted murder (of myself for turning whistleblower) and when that failed, a criminal conspiracy by Devra West and senior cult member, Geoffrey Reynolds, designed to bankrupt me. 


There has also been at least one mysterious death of a female student who died suddenly after witnessing two serious crimes that Devra West had committed.  But since none of this appears to be of interest to your Phoenix field office let’s start with a white collar crime along the lines that Ms. Sanders is alleged to have committed, but on vastly larger in scale.

In or around 2006 Devra Patton West, then running a cult in Montana and calling herself the Ascended Master Rishi Devra, applied for $30,000,000 CPEA grants from her corporation ‘Sacred Environments LLC.’  It is quite likely that her crooked CPA, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, a senior member of her cult, actually submitted the application on her behalf and although the application was denied it seems clear to me and others that application itself was fraudulent.  What follows are pieces of evidence that indicate that this was so.

  1. An email to me from Devra West’s then office manager, Rebecca West (no relation) indicating that Devra West intended to use those funds to pay off her extensive debts which included $2,000,000 in court fines and interest owing to creditors; this latter amount becoming the subject of a Sheriff’s Sale in 2008.

  2. An email to me from Carol Patton, Devra West’s step mother, who alleges that Devra West defrauded her out of $30,000.  As you will see if you read Carol Patton’s email the writer alleges that her step daughter Devra West told her she would repay the $30,000 from the proceeds of the $30,000,000 plus CPEA grants.



    There is an electronic copy of this letter with hyperlinks to supporting evidence relating to the following numbered points posted on the following websites under the ‘Open Letter to FBI’ tab.





  4. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that Ms. West was a former bankrupt?

  5. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that Ms. West’s charity, ‘The Circle of Divine Unity’ was struck off for fraud by the Secretary of State for Montana in November 2003?  See Revocation Certificate by going here.

  6. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that after the above charity was struck off, Devra West stole the charity’s main asset, a property worth $1,250,000 in 2003 and put it in a personal trust for her and her eldest son Rob Meador?  This trust to be broken open by a judge in 2008 with the property being sold to pay off the $2,000,000 Devra West owed in court fines and interest!

  7. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that after the above named charity was struck off in November 2003 that $4,000,000 in artwork and valuables went missing, only to turn up ten years later in Cave Creek AZ for sale by Devra West via auction and from her website?  This is an obvious case of theft because while being deposed by my lawyer under oath in October 2009 Ms. West stated in her statement that while she recognized the list of artwork and valuables drawn up by myself and her bookkeeper in 2002, she stated that these items no longer existed and were never her own.  Devra West probably relies on a statute of limitations for theft, fraud etc.

  8. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that after persuading a student to her unaccredited school, Mike Hendrickson to guarantee a $200,000 overdraft for the charity at a local bank, Devra West emptied the bank account and put the $200,000 in a personal trust fund for her and her son Rob Meador (see point #5)?

  9. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that Devra West was the leader of a cult which meant that apart from being the owner of Sacred Environments LLC’ she also controlled the lives of those around her including Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, the point being that Reynolds does, says and writes on applications for tens of millions in grants exactly as he is told.

  10. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2005 Devra West defrauded a student to her unaccredited school, Dave Kushner, out of $30,000?

  11. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2005 Devra West kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and beat student Marion Cantwell until she agreed to give up tens of thousands of dollars from the sale proceeds of her home to West?  Marion was told that if she went to the police, she would be murdered.

  12. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2005, student Lisa Swidler (a friend of mine) who was witness to the above two crimes, died suddenly and mysteriously after trying to leave the cult?  Probably not, a statute of limitations on murder?

  13. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in April 2006 student, business partner to Devra West and wealthy heiress, Dr. Pat Cole MD, was viciously assaulted by Devra West and the police were called

  14. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that on April 17 2006 Devra West wrote to her entire mailing list acknowledging that she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD, that the assault had been severe but that it had been sanctioned by the Ascended Masters because the victim was alleged to have been a Nazi in the WWII death camps in another lifetime!

  15. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that Devra West was at the time of the application defrauding Robert & Tabby Ivy?  The Ivy’s owned a multimillion dollar lakeside property that Devra West was depicting on her website and in her brochures as belonging to her.  The Ivy’s had repeatedly asked Devra West over a two year period not to do this, but Devra West ignored their requests.  This was covered by the Whitefish Pilot news article.

  16. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2007, when two newspaper articles were published about the assault that Devra West, Geoffrey Reynolds, Julio Williams, Jack West and other senior members of the cult denied that West had ever assaulted Dr. Cole, in spite of her written admission to them all that she had!

  17. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare in 2006 that she was charged with assault by the police and would eventually be convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2008 and given a 6 month’s suspended jail sentence and a $500 fine?

  18. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that the 2006 campaign of violence directed at Dr. Cole MD was in fact part of a criminal conspiracy to extort Dr. Cole’s entire net worth from her, which Devra West succeeded in doing to the tune of $1.3 million?

  19. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2006 he had money laundered $470,000 in cash that Devra West had extorted from Dr. Pat Cole MD through Devra West’s corporation, disguising it as received through ‘normal’ trading activity?  Reynolds’ admission in the Bigfork Eagle story. They may be relying on a statute of limitations for money laundering.

  20. Did Devra West (or Geoffrey Reynolds CPA) declare that in 2006 that the previous bookkeeper had resigned her employment with Devra West rather than be forced to ‘manufacture’ false invoices?

  21. In 2007, after I had caused two articles to be published in the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle newspapers, I became the subject of a murder plot by Devra West, who could not operate her criminal business model as long as my websites were up carrying details of her lies, deceit and previous criminality. While the murder plot by Devra West occurred after the fraudulent application for $30,000,000 in CPEA grants, it is worthy of mention just to show how very dangerous Devra West is and to what lengths she will go to in an attempt to hide her past.  On August 9 2007, senior cult member Geoffrey Reynolds, unable to contain his secret, confided to the Bigfork Eagle reporter, Constance See, that I would either be dead within 12 months or in jail to reacting to what Ms. West was going to do to me and my family.

  22. After the first of two news articles was published by the Whitefish Pilot on July 12 2007, the senior members of Devra West’s cult, (she was then calling herself the Ascended Master Surya Ma), all came out and published statements of denial from her websites, with cult members Geoffrey Reynolds issuing four statements, cult member Julio Williams MD issuing two statements and with Jack West issuing one statement. Read the statements here.  All statements denying that Ms. West had assaulted Dr. Cole MD (in the process of extorting $1.3 million from her) even though all three had received West’s written admission she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD 15 months earlier!

    Dr. Julio Williams,Omniawakening, Dr. Julio Williams M.D., Rishi Devra,, Devra West, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra Meetup, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, Dr. Devra Patton West, Royal Path Master Teachings, Dr. Devra West, Carefree Arizona, Cave Creek Arizona,

  23. In 2008, Devra West became the subject of an Arrest Warrant for criminal check fraud, a conviction for assault and made appearances in civil court as the defendant in fraud related lawsuits, including the fraud lawsuit I brought against her and won in 2008.  Though well after the 2006 fraudulent application for $30,000,000 in government grants, it shows that Ms. West is not a guru but the leader of a well-oiled criminal gang.

  24. In 2009 Devra West became the subject of an Arrest Warrant for felony theft! In 2010 while attending court to see what the court was to award me in costs and damages for my win against Ms. West in the fraud lawsuit, I was served for defamation by both Devra West and her lackey Geoffrey Reynolds.  In 2005 I had immigrated to the east coast of Canada and West & Reynolds gambled that I could not afford to commute backwards and forwards to defend myself against what were both frivolous and bogus lawsuits.  I could not afford to defend these lawsuits so, as a consequence, they were each awarded $5,000,000 in default judgments. 

    Devra West, wanting to stay in the shadows, put her stooge Geoffrey Reynolds out front to prosecute the lawsuits. The lasting problem ‘liar for hire’ Geoffrey Reynolds has, is that in his pleadings to the court, he asserted that I had defamed him beween 2002 and 2006 when in reality, Reynolds did not travel from Arizona to work for Devra West in Montana until early 2006.  To be clear, I had never met Reynolds or even knew he existed until 2007, so it was not possible for me to defame Reynolds between 2002 and 2006 and likewise, Reynolds’ first knowledge that I existed must have only occurred after he commenced his employment in early 2006.  As Rebecca West’s emails bear out, Reynolds immediately fell under Devra West’s control after loaning her his life savings of $300,000!

    Devra West uses her knowledge of the occult to commit serious crimes from theft, fraud, extortion, money laundering, violent assaults and attempted murder and I suspect though cannot prove murder.  Her ability to manipulate others, especially the weak minded and those lacking in morality, means she is able to surround herself with what I call ‘rent a liars,’ the senior members of her cult who she uses to recruit new victims and who provide her with false witness statements after crimes have been committed.  This is why so few victims come forward.

    For example Geoffrey Reynolds CPA was used to money launder the proceeds of crime through her business, was persuaded to author four false statements of denial which posted from West’s website after the newspaper articles about her criminality were published in 2007.  He gladly became complicit in the murder plot to kill me and when that failed volunteered to make totally false statements to a Montana court that resulted in a $10,000,000 default judgment for telling the truth!

    Whereas Dr. Julio Williams MD is wheeled out to market Devra West to the community in which she and her cult are embedded using his perceived respectability as a doctor / surgeon he waxes lyrically about what a ‘wellspring of divinity’ she is knowing full well that she has left behind her a trail of ruined lives and one or two unexplained deaths.  In 2006 / 2007 time period when Devra West and Geoffrey Reynolds were fraudulently applying for $30,000,000 in government grants Julio Williams MD was marketing Devra West (then calling herself Surya Ma) from her website as the ‘second coming’ while knowing full well that she was using images of a multi-million dollar property belonging to someone else as her own.

    When the two newspaper articles were published about West’s criminality in Lakeside MT Williams published two statements of denial (see above) knowing full well that Devra West his cult leader had repeatedly assaulted fellow physician Dr. Pat Cole MD while in the process extorting $1.3 million from her!

    After Devra West and the cult were forced to move out of Montana to relaunch their criminal business model in Reynolds home town of Cave Creek AZ brainwashed and conditioned Julio Williams MD bought a property next door to Devra West’s ‘Abode of the Masters’ at which Devra West, now calling herself ‘Rishi Devra,’ would assess the latest intake of sheeple drawn in by the false claims on her website.  After sorting them by their net worth they too would be brainwashed and conditioned as prelude to having their bank accounts emptied into hers either voluntarily or as a result of fraud or extortion.

    Below here is an excerpt from a recent posting on West’s website announcing another ‘sacred’ meeting at Julio Williams’s residence!

Dr. Julio Williams,Omniawakening, Dr. Julio Williams M.D., Rishi Devra,, Devra West, Devra Patton West, Rishi Devra Meetup, Geoff Reynolds CPA, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, Dr. Devra Patton West, Royal Path Master Teachings, Dr. Devra West, Carefree Arizona, Cave Creek Arizona,

Whereas senior cult member Jack West stays in the background attending and overseeing all ‘meditation’ meetings and social gatherings reporting back to Devra West on who should be targeted next or providing his ex-wife with a false statement after she has viciously attacked a student or employee for challenging her.  As happened when employee Susannah Felder challenged Devra West after she stole $80,000 donation from the charity they worked in to pay her son’s legal fees.  Here is what Board Member AJ White had to say about the incident.

In late July 2001, while I was on a business trip to Denver, Susanna Felder, a committed assistant for over 9 years and editor of Devra’s writing, called me.  She called me in severe distress as she had gotten into a heated discussion with Devra on whether or not I should be put on the BOD – there was no Foundation BOD at that time.  Devra became so incensed that she attacked her and ripped clumps of hair out of Susanna’s head. This was severe abuse and ultimately led to Susanna leaving DU within the month.  I returned to the office several days later and the first thing I did was to address this abuse in a staff meeting with Susanna in attendance.  Jack West, who was present at the event, categorically denied it happened while Anandra accused Susanna of causing the problem.  This collaborative deception was so shocking that I resigned, effective immediately.  The cover-up was endemic and serious abuse issues were lied about and swept under the rug.  The lack of integrity by Devra, her impropriety around money and her physical and verbal abuse of individuals were the reasons for my leaving.

Jack West has been doing this for nearly 30 years and as you can see from AJ White’s statement has the guru / cult / extortion business model down to a fine art.

After bringing down my websites in 2010, and with no evidence on the web of her past ‘crimes’ Devra West was able to move to Geoffrey Reynolds’s old home town of Cave Creek AZ where she reincarnated herself as the Ascended Master ‘Rishi Devra.’  Please take the time to review her Omni Awakening website, where she makes the most outrageous claims about herself, presumably protected by religious freedom laws, while asking for single donations of $500,000 based on her totally false life story / bio.  At the very least, this is wire and mail fraud but I guess if you are not interested in fraud, theft, extortion, money laundering, attempted murder and at least one suspicious death, wire and mail fraud is not going to grab your attention either!


Below is the current website up about Ms. West and her cult’s current and past criminal activities you can start to review some of the evidence from past victims by going here:-

In closing, I do not know what evidence you have against Ms. Sanders but I would appreciate it if someone could investigate the matters outlined above, unless of course anyone out in the western states masquerading as a religious figure is exempt from criminal prosecution no matter how serious the crimes!


Yours truly,


A Whistleblower

Copy to Michael DeLeon
Phoenix FBI Field Office
21711 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85024